March 12, 2017
Dr. Donald McKay
Roaming Through Romans

(Romans 12:13-21)

Once again in this morning’s passage Paul provides us with certain important specifics having to do with our personal devotion to God.  Here is some of what it means for us to present our bodies a living sacrifice to Him, which as Paul has made clear, is our reasonable service!

  1. We are to ________________ the needs of the saints (v. 13)

2. We are to ______________ those who persecute us (v. 14)

3. We are to ____________________ (v. 15)

4. We are to live in ___________ with other believers (v. 16)

5. We are not to _____________ ourselves (v. 17, 19-21)

6. We are to be _______________ testimonies (v. 17)

7. We are to live ____________________ with all men (v. 18)

Soli Deo Gloria