August 18, 2019
Pastor David Lupinetti

The Churches Mission (Matthew 28: 18-20)

by David Lupinetti | Guest Speaker's Sermons

The Evangelical Church is struggling to fulfill its mission; getting themselves wrapped up in the Social Gospel, Christian Reconstructionism, Ecumenicalism, and the Emerging Church Movement. At BHBC we uphold the mission of the Church theologically, but reflect a culture that is not devoted to evangelism or discipleship. Only 3.2% of our budget is allocated towards evangelism.1 Many of us struggle to evangelize at least 1x/week. In discipleship, we have professing believers who haven’t been baptized for years and only 81 members, but far more attendees? Furthermore, only 57.6% of those who attend this service will also attend Sunday School. What are we to do? Do we read a book by a famous author, get Church consultants, join another Church, or hire an evangelism pastor to do it for us? The answer is found in Mt. 28:18-20 and you’re a part of the solution.

1. The ____________________ behind the Mission (v. 18)

2. The ____________________ for the Mission (v. 19-20a)

a. ____________________

b. ____________________

c. ____________________

3. The ____________________ of the Mission (v. 20b)

Soli Deo Gloria