September 29, 2019
Pastor David Lupinetti

Impossible Promises (Part 1-Gen. 15:1-11)

by David Lupinetti | Guest Speaker's Sermons

Genesis 15:1-11

Remember the old kids song “Father Abraham?” The Generations of Genesis (toledots) come to a climax in the Abrahamic Covenant. God reveals a promise that is impossible from human understanding. The promise is still true today. The Abrahamic Covenant is full of human doubt, history, faith, blessing, land, and mis-understood prophecy. What on earth was Jesus saying to Abraham? Does God keep His Word? Does God’s timing look like ours? Who is responsible for reversing Adam & Eve’s sin? And how in the world is Jesus involved in this?

1. Impossible promises from God are to be _______________
(v. 1-6)

2. Impossible promises from God are ___________________
and ____________________ (v. 7-11)

Soli Deo Gloria