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TH 202 Contemporary Doctrinal Issues This exciting course will overview major modern trends in theological studies. Attention will be devoted to the critique of Liberation Theology, the Word of Faith Movement, Postmodernism, Lordship Salvation, Prosperity Theology and the Calvin-Arminian debate.

MN 208 Contemporary Issues Affecting the Church We live at a time when the church is being weakened by biblical illiteracy, manipulative evangelism, consumerism, sexual perversion, anti-intellectualism and materialism. As such, it has become absolutely necessary for the Christian to be able to identify and guard him/herself against these evils. In this course the student will be challenged to evaluate major contemporary issues that are negatively affecting the life and strength of the church, in light of the Word of God.

AP 102 Avoiding the Deception of the Cults This course is designed to aid the lay-person in identifying biblical flaws in the major cults. The student will grow in their own faith as they become competent in their ability to provide counter arguments to false teachers.

AP 103 Truth or Error? An Overview of Major World Religions A detailed overview will be given of major world religions such as Islam and Hinduism. Attention will be given to how these faiths compare with historic Christian beliefs. The student will receive instruction in strategies for sharing Christ with adherents of these religions.

ED 101 Developing Your Teaching Skills If you teach, this course is for you! Attention will be given to communication skills, developing a lesson plan, long-range planning, and the use of visual aids in the ministry of teaching. Each student will prepare a sample lesson for evaluation by the instructor.


ED 202 Biblical Preaching In this course the development and delivery of sermons will be discussed. Various techniques related to effective preaching will be identified and students will have the opportunity to practice preach in a non-threatening environment.

CO 101 Providing Counsel as a Non-Professional This course will present principles of counselling for the lay-counsellor with a view to assisting the student in their understanding and ability to counsel informally. In particular, students will develop a biblically based understanding of Christian counselling.

MN 206 Evangelism Strategies Practicum Evangelism is a must if the church is to fulfill the Great Commission. In this practical course the student will learn effective techniques for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with unbelievers. In addition, the class will have the opportunity to put their learning into practice through a guided evangelistic endeavour. Half of the student’s time will be spent in class, and half spent sharing their faith!

MN 207 Ongoing Ministry Practicum Practical ministry experience is a must for the Christian. Students in this course will attend only one class that will overview practicum requirements and then are expected to be involved in a significant ministry for the duration of the semester.


MN 202 Lay Ministry & Discipleship in the Local Church The student will examine the biblical concept of church ministry and discipleship. That information will then be applied to the implementation of children’s, youth, and adult ministries.

MN 203 Youth Ministry for the New Millennium Youth ministry is a vital need in the church today. In this course the student will examine effective methods and principles for ministry to today’s teenagers. Students will also gain practical skills in youth ministry programming.

MN 204 Ministry through Modern Technology This hands-on course will allow the student to discover and begin to utilize modern technological methods for effective ministry in the new millennium. The value of the internet, television, and media for ministry will be discussed and implemented.


BI 104 Daniel: Man of God This course focuses upon the content, themes and prophecy of the book of Daniel. The student will grow in their appreciation for the sovereignty of God as well as gain insight in how to live during troubling times.

BI 105 The 12 Minor Prophets This course is designed to examine the content of the last 12 books of the Old Testament. An understanding of these rarely-studied books will assist the student to better understand the justice of God as His plan unfolds in human history.

BI 108 Genesis: In the Beginning God! This foundational study of God’s movements in Genesis will provide the student with a deeper understanding of key biblical issues such as creationism ex nihilo, the covenant and God’s promises. Various perspectives regarding the origin of the universe will be discussed.


BI 106 Romans: How Great a Salvation Called by some the “greatest book in the Bible”, this study of the book of Romans is designed to provide a solid foundation for the Christian understanding of salvation. Key terms such as justification, sanctification, and sin will be studied in detail.

BI 107 Revelation: What Happens in the End Times? Revelation is a challenging and yet inspirational book to read. This course will enable to student to gain an understanding, in broad strokes, of the message of Revelation. Time will be devoted to studying figures of speech in the book and developing a timeline of Revelation.

BI 109 The Epistle to the Hebrews This course will involve exposition of the epistle with attention given to setting and background, biblical theology, significant interpretive questions, and key vocabulary and themes. Special attention will be given to practical lessons for the church today.

BI 110 Acts: The Life & Times of the Early Church A record of the first 30 years of the church, the book of Acts serves as a backdrop to the New Testament Epistles. From Pentecost to prison, the book of Acts provides a riveting account of the life of the infant church!

BI 111 The Johannine Epistles An analysis of 1, 2, and 3 John. Particular attention is given to the historical and cultural background of the epistles. The argument, purposes, and theology of the books are developed in detail. Particular attention is given to Johannine word plays such as: light/darkness, love/hate, righteousness/sin, etc.

LA 211, 212, 213 It’s All Greek to Me This introductory course to the Greek language is designed to provide basic grammar and syntax skills so as to bring students to the point where they are able to translate the Greek New Testament and make wise interpretive decisions.


TH 203 The Theology of the Tabernacle Understanding the theology of the Old Testament is key to unlocking the theological treasures of the New Testament. Of particular importance is an understanding of the Old Testament Israelite Tabernacle which provides for us a magnificent preview of the work of Christ.

TH 205 Understanding the Theology of the Church This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview of ecclesiology (the theology of the church). Students will examine the concept of the church as community, study the ordinances and examine the biblical definitions of the two church offices. The purpose of this course is to lay a biblical base upon which to do the practice of ministry.

TH 206 Understanding Dispensationalism Dispensationalism is a term that Christians often throw around without necessarily knowing what it is they are talking about. This class will examine not only what is meant by the term “dispensationalism” but will also compare and contrast it with the leading evangelical alternative: covenant theology.

TH 208 Questions of Human Existence: The Theology of Man and Sin Who are we? How did we get here? Why are we here? What’s wrong with us? Is there any hope for us? This course will explore the biblical answers to those questions. The student will gain an understanding of special creation, the Imago Dei, and the purpose for human existence (including the cultural mandate. The student will learn to discuss intelligently the proposed solutions to the problem of evil. And the student will be equipped to share the hope for humanity that is found in the person and work of Christ.

AP 203 Presuppositional Apologetics Many in the “reformed camp” subscribe to a particular type of apologetic methodology known as Presuppositionalism, insisting that it alone coincides with the Biblical and Calvinistic understanding of the nature of man. In this class the viability of Presuppositionalism as an acceptable apologetic approach will be carefully evaluated.

AP 204 The KJV Only Debate Is the KJV of the Bible the only acceptable English translation at our disposal? Are all other versions like the NIV and the NASB heretical? What is the difference between a translation and a paraphrase? What is the science of textual criticism all about? These and other pertinent questions will be answered in this course.


HI 101 Walk Where Jesus Walked: Bible Geography and Customs Have you ever considered what everyday life was like for people like Abraham, Ruth, or Jesus? In this exciting course the student will become familiar with the customs and geography of biblical times in order that he/she might grow in his/her ability to understand and appreciate the culture and environment of biblical figures.

LA 201 Using Greek/Hebrew Language Helps This course will introduce the learner to the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, basic language concepts, and Greek/Hebrew study tools. Students will learn to use language study tools and concordances that will assist them in doing word and phrase studies in the original languages of the Old and New Testaments! This course will help students with lesson preparation.